SIMONT BRAUN has two lawyers admitted to the Court of Cassation bar, and also the former President of the Court of Cassation bar. In addition, SIMONT BRAUN is distinguished by long-standing practical experience of certain particular proceedings before supreme courts such as the Supreme Administrative Court, the Benelux Court and the European Court of Justice. The firm also has specific experience of national and international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, as well as criminal business law.
These various sectors are the specialist areas of practice of SIMONT BRAUN’s Dispute Resolution team. The team comprises fifteen lawyers, including several leading practitioners among which the former President of the Court of Cassation bar, Lucien Simont, and two current Court of Cassation lawyers: Lucien Simont, Paul Alain Foriers and Caroline De Baets.
The lawyers in the Dispute Resolution team represent clients before Court of Cassation, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Benelux Court and the European Court of Justice, as well as at every stage of legal proceedings before the investigative courts and courts deciding on the merits. They also act in national and international proceedings, in which our lawyers play a role as counsel or arbitrators. The team includes two mediators registered at the “Commission Fédérale Mediation”: its lawyers are regularly involved in mediation cases, including under the aegis of the Belgian Chamber of Conciliation, Arbitration, Mediation in Real Estate Matters (C.C.A.I.). Moreover, SIMONT BRAUN signed the Bmediation charter (
Besides being dealt with within the Dispute Resolution team, litigation has always been a centre of focus within the  respective other teams. All our lawyers have particular expertise of litigation within their own areas of specialism. Such is the case for intellectual property (seizures, piracy actions, injunctions in relation to intellectual rights, etc.); litigation in the field of company law, financial law, tax and labour law (assistance in audits, complaints and judicial recourses, etc.) as well as real estate and administrative law. Our lawyers acts before the courts at all levels for civil and commercial matters, but also in particular proceedings such as administrative matters or special proceedings (appeals in relation to the registration of trademarks or services, bank and stock exchange regulations, control of concentrations, gas and electricity regulation, etc.). The specific webpages dealing with SIMONT BRAUN’s various teams and their lawyers contain further information in this regard.