SIMONT BRAUN is one of Brussels’ leading independent business law firms.
We offer high-quality legal services in five selected practice areas: 
  • Corporate, Banking and Finance: the various aspects of corporate law, notably mergers and acquisitions, banking and financial law, security interests, restructurings and insolvency law;
  • Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Trade Practices: the different branches of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, etc.), information technologies and networks (computing and network law, e-commerce, data protection, etc.) trade practices (advertising and consumer law, abusive practices and unfair competition) as well as distribution law, competition law and regulatory aspects;
  • Real Estate, Construction and Administrative Law: real estate law, construction law, public and administrative law (with a particular emphasis on environment and town-planning law);
  • Dispute Resolution: litigation before all courts (including the Court of Cassation, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Benelux Court of Justice and the European Court of Justice), arbitration, mediation and financial criminal law.
  • Tax and Labour Law: Tax Law and Labour Law, mainly as support to our other areas of practice.
Besides, as it includes several lawyers teaching these matters at university level, SIMONT BRAUN also has a particular command of the various fields of civil and commercial law at large, including contract law and the law of obligations, as well as property rights (inheritance, gifts and matrimonial property regimes).
In all these areas, our lawyers' day-to-day practice includes advisory work, negotiation, structuring and managing all kinds of operations, and dispute resolution. 

SIMONT BRAUN’s range of practice is both Belgian and international. Our lawyers practise the law in French, Dutch and English. Several of our partners and associates also provide legal services in other languages such as German, Italian and Spanish.
SIMONT BRAUN takes an uncompromising stand with regard to professional ethics and especially independence and confidentiality, which explains why we do not mention our clients’ names on our website.
SIMONT BRAUN’s members include the former President of the French-speaking Brussels Bar. Several of its other members have occupied or currently occupy positions in their respective bar associations.
SIMONT BRAUN has approximately 45 lawyers.