SIMONT BRAUN’s aim is to provide legal services distinguished by quality, efficiency and flexibility.
Our teams of lawyers comprise leading specialists with excellent track records and serious experience in managing complex transactions and litigations. The level of our lawyers’ expertise is also evidenced by their numerous legal publications in French, Dutch and English. They are regularly invited to seminars as speakers or experts and a significant number of them hold academic positions.
We strongly believe in a custom approach to our clients. We seek to acquire a sound grasp of our clients’ specific needs in order to foster close cooperation between them and the dedicated teams of lawyers formed to work with them. In this way, we can meet our clients’ expectations creatively and proactively.
SIMONT BRAUN’s team-based structure enables us promptly and appropriately to allocate our best expertise and resources in a particular area of practice. Likewise, the flexibility of our team-based structure facilitates rapid deployment of combined teams of specialists.